Acknowledgements and Experimental

Acknowledgement of CIF Staff Assistance

"We wish to thank ISU Chemical Instrumentation Facility staff members <insert name(s) here> for training and assistance pertaining to the Jasco J-710 Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer results included in this publication."

 Experimental Section Information

"Circular dichroism spectra were acquired using a Jasco J-715 spectrophotometer (Jasco Analytical Instruments, Easton MD)...." 

For most publications or presentations it may only be appropriate to include the spectral range, cell pathlength, cell temperature, and sample concentration. Measurement parameters can only be viewed by opening the datafile in Jasco Spectra Manager -> Spectra Analysis. Once the datafile is open, use View -> Information to display all of the measurement parameters.

Typical measurement parameters used for the camphor standard include:

  • wavelength start: 350 nm
  • wavelength end:  200 nm
  • data pitch:  0.1 nm
  • data points:  1501
  • bandwidth:  1.0 nm
  • response:  1 sec
  • scanning speed:  100 nm/sec
  • accumulation:  1
  • cell length:  1 cm
  • solvent:  water
  • temperature:  20 oC
  • concentration:  0.06% aqueous solution