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GC Q-TOF Mass Spec on Order...  02/01/18

With the assistance of the ISU Foundation, we have successfully applied for Carver Foundation funds for the purchase of a new GC Q-TOF mass spectrometer.  The Carver Funds were augmented with funds from the Agilent Academic Incentives Program to allow us to purchase a complete Agilent 7250 Q-TOF with 7890 GC.  In additon, we will be purchasing a thermal-focus GC x GC accessory.  A webpage for the new instrument is under development, so stay tuned for all of the information you need and want about this fantastic new piece of equipment!  Delivery is expected by early May, 2018.

NMR Upgrade Funded... 09/04/17

Success at NSF!  Our proposal to upgrade the aged DRX-400 with a new console, cryogenically cooled broadband probe, and external reaction kinetics and NMR-flow apparatus was approved.  The purchase process is underway, and if things go smoothly, we may see a new system installed as soon as the first quarter of 2018. Thanks to Sarah, Professor Sadow (PI), and the various other co-PI's and contributors that made this success possible.

Bruker Venture D8 Diffractometer added to the X-Ray Lab....  06/12/17

The Venture D8 single-crystal diffractomer is now available in 1707 Gilman.  With an intense Mo source and extremely sensitive detector, the instrument can acquire complete data sets for structural analysis very quickly.  And the rates are just as low as before for complete structure solution!

Pyrolysis GCMS Now Available... 01/31/17

We have just installed a Frontier 3030D pyrolysis unit on the GCT GCMS and we're open for business.  The formal training materials are under development, but don't let that stop you!  We can do EGA, TD and Pyrolysis measurements.

Many rates LOWERED for FY'17... 07/26/16

The rates for ten of our facility instruments have been lowered by 10% for FY'17!  These include the AVIII NMR, EPR, LCMS2020, Jasco CD, Agilent UV-Vis, Microcal ITC, and all four x-ray instruments.  Rates were raised slightly on the prepLC and the BET instruments.

New high-intensity source installed on APEX II... 07/15/16

A much brighter source of Cu x-rays has been installed on the APEX II single-crystal x-ray diffractometer.  This will allow us to measure much smaller crystals so you won't have to spend so much time trying to recrystallize!  We also have a new (to us) low temperature device installed on the SMART 1000 that is configured with a normal Mo x-ray tube. 

Agilent 5973 GCMS System now available... 02/15/16

We have refurbished an older Agilent 5973 GCMS system, complete with autosampler and NIST mass spec library.  It's now available for training and use, even though I haven't quite finished the training guide.  It's pretty simple to use in basic modes.  We're offering this nominal mass GCMS as a very low cost instrument for most routine applications.  Cost will be about $10 per hour, but if you find a lower price on any ISU facility GCMS instrument, we'll match that!