Netzsch TGA/DSC - MS/IR


Netzsch STA449 F1

This instrument simultaneously provides TGA data (thermogravimetric analysis) and DSC data (differential scanning calorimetry) in one measurement.  The furnace is programmable to 1500ºC.  In additon, the identity of gases evolved during the heating process can be determined by IR (infrared) and MS (mass spec) detection.  The system is fully automated and includes a 20-position sample carousel.  Various purge, evacuation, and fill cycles are available to remove air and moisture from the sample area.

Four software packages are included with the system:

  • Proteus - DSC/TGA control; acquisition and processing of DSC, TGA, and MS data
  • Aeolos - MS control; triggered acquistion and limited processing of MS data
  • OPUS - FTIR control; triggered acquisition and processing of IR data
  • NIST - MS library and associated search software; processes MS spectra exported by Proteus


Please read CIF document #1 and #3 before requesting training for DSC/TGA measurements.  If you wish to analyse the evolved gases, please also read documents #5, #6, and #7 before scheduling your training.

For training, please contact Dr. Brett Boote.

FY'20 Rates

This instrument is intended for student operation. Samples may not be submitted for analysis. The rates listed below do not include the cost of crucibles or FTIR-cryogens, or specialty gases other than the default high-purity argon and nitrogen. Standard aluminum or alumina crucibles are available for purchase from CIF. Only data acquisition time is billed—data processing can be performed on the instrument if time is available, but there is also a separate computer that can be used for processing without charge. Alternatively, Proteus, OPUS, and NIST can be loaded on university-owned computers for exclusve processing of data acquired on this instrument.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU Researchers $15 / hour $30.00
Non-ISU academic researchers $22.50 / hour $45.00
Non-academic users $45 / hour $90.00


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