Electronics Shop

The CIF has started a repair service for electronic equipment in research and teaching laboratories of Iowa State University. The aim of the shop is to provide repairs to damaged or broken lab equipment which researchers can't safely fix on their own, as well as loan diagnostic tools to researchers in order to troubleshoot their own equipment. Most small equipment failures revolve around power supply issues, which are relatively straightforward repairs. The intent of this service is to provide insight (what’s broken, etc) and make repairs. A non-comprehensive list of available services includes:

  • Instrument/appliance troubleshooting
  • Computer-instrument interface troubleshooting
  • Electrical motors
  • Vacuum equipment
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • On-site (we come to you) assessments of electrical equipment
  • Circuit analysis and development
  • Diagnostic tool loans

While this service is geared towards the Chemistry department, work from other departments may be considered based on availability. Please consult with Dr. Brett Boote regarding the submission process. Please note that this service is provided as time permits; all other instrument maintenance and training operations have priority. 


Rates FY'20

The electronics shop rate for all Iowa State accounts is $50/hr plus any required parts. Estimates will be provided prior to purchasing parts valued over $50.  NOTE:  There is a minimum billable increment of thirty minutes.


Loaner Test Equipment

The CIF electronics shop has accumulated several pieces of test equipment over the years that we loan out to researchers wanting to troubleshoot their own instrumentation or devices. The rule is the CIF test gear must be returned within one day of being loaned out; please enquire to Brett regarding loaner equipment. Available equipment includes:

  • HP 54601A 4-channel 100MHz oscilloscope
  • HP signal attenuator 
  • Fluke 117 multimeter (VAC/DC, A, , Hz, capacitance, continuity)
  • B&K 880 LCR meter (inductance, capacitance, resistance)
  • Edwards digital high vacuum gauge (10-10 - 1000 torr)
  • Millitorr vacuum gauge
  • High voltage (10kV) probe
  • Tenma Benchtop DC power supply 0-30V
  • Homemade dual DC power supply 5V /  ±15V 
  • Selectable test resistor network 1 -10M 
  • Tenma function generator 200mHz - 2MHz square, triangle, sine wave
  • Leader high frequency signal generator 100kHz - 6MHz
  • Weller soldering station with programmable temperature