JEOL JSM-IT200 Scanning Electron Microscope



The ability to directly view the morphology of materials on scales in the um to nm range is critical to materials science and solid state chemistry. The JEOL JSM-IT200 is a scanning electron microscope capable of <10 nm resolution. Some other useful features are as follows:

  • High vac and low vac operation, up to ~120 Pa.

  • Secondary Electron and Backscattered Electron detectors for complementary morphology and compositional information

  • X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for elemental analysis with point ID, area scans, line scans, and mapping.

  • XY motorized stage with manual rotation and tilt. 

As a rule, samples must be moderately conductive to produce good images and must be fixed to a substrate in order to prevent damage to the column/gun. Sample mounting strategies can be discussed with Brett prior to analysis. 

For external users, samples will be analyzed by CIF staff unless training is approved. This will be on the basis of the frequency and number of samples which require analysis.

The instrument is located in 1710 Gilman Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Brett Boote

FY'20 Rates

The instrument is to be used by students and other researchers. Significant training is required, and the ability to collect high quality images takes time to master. The hourly rates are listed below. NOTE:  There is a minimum charge of 30 minutes for each use of the instrument.

User CategoryInstrument ChargeStaff Assistance
ISU researchers$20.00$30
Non-ISU academic researchers$40.00$45
Non-academic users$60.00$90



The list below contains links to documents regarding SEM use and training. This list will update as new materials are prepared, such as the EDS manual, data storage and exporting tutorial, etc.