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The Agilent QTOF 6540 is an accurate mass MSMS instrument based upon quadrupole and time-of-flight technology. The instrument  accommodates several different solution-based atmospheric pressure ionization sources including electrospray (ESI), chemical ionization (APCI), and JetStream ESI. The instrument can acquire data in positive or negative ion mode, MS, or MS/MS mode. Agilent MassHunter software is used for data acquisition and data processing.  The software package includes modules for determining elemental composition, molecular feature extractor, deconvolution, et cetera.  This is without a doubt the best QTOF on campus.  Instrument characteristics include:

  • LC pumps can handle up to 8000 psi
  • MS and MS/MS on the fly
  • Mass Range of up to 10,000 Daltons (singly-charged)
  • Mass Accuracy of better than 3 PPM
  • Resolution (FWHM) 45,000 for mass 1000
  • Rapid switching between positive and negative ion modes

The instrument is located in 1238 Hach Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Kamel Harrata (

FY'18 Rates

The instrument is operated both by staff and by students and other researchers.  Staff will provide training and assistance with initial methods development. In some cases staff will analyze submitted samples.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE: There is a minimum billable increment of one hour.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $30.00 $30
Non-ISU academic users $45.00 $45
Non-academic users $90.00 $90


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