Jasco J-710 Circular Dichroism





This instrument is intended to be used by knowledgeable students and researchers. Staff will provide instrument training, but no methods development assistance. Users should provide instrument parameters for their specific samples based on literature values. Minimal data processing assistance is available, and users should consult the literature for additional data interpretation.

The Jasco J-710 CD is a research grade instrument used for measuring the circular dichroism of compounds in solution, including small molecules, peptides and proteins.  The instrument was upgraded in 2005 to a J-715 instrument, the highest level of firmware and software available for this series.  The system will accept a number of sample devices, but the default is a Peltier controlled thermostatted cell holder designed for standard 1 cm x 1 cm quartz cuvettes.  Spaces are included to accommodate smaller cuvettes. The use of long path length liquid or gas cells requires the removal of the Peltier device and should only be done by CIF staff.

The instrument is located in 1240 Hach Hall.  For training or questions, contact Sarah Cady.  Phone 515-294-5805 (office).  

FY'23 Rates

The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE: There is a minimum billable increment of one hour.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU researcher $20.66 $30
Non-ISU academic users $31.00 $45
Non-academic users $62.00 $90


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