Agilent PrepStar SD-1 HPLC




The Agilent PrepStar SD-1 preparative HPLC system is capable of flows ranging from 1-2 mls per minute (analytical) to 200 mls per minute (preparative).  The system includes two pumps, a dual-wavelenght detector, fraction collector, and complete data system for instrument control and data processing.

For semi-prep and preparative runs, researchers must always provide their own LC-grade solvents or pay a surcharge for the use of our solvents.  For analytical runs (flows less than 2 mls per minute) the solvents we have in the lab may be used at no extra charge.  We encourage users to provide their own columns and therefore only pay the basic fee for use of the instrument.  Others may prefer to use the columns we have available in the lab.  You will be charged an additional fee for the use of our columns, and will be expected to pay the replacement cost of the column if it is damaged by your use.

The instrument is located in 1238 Hach Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Kamel Harrata.

FY'18 Rates

The instrument is to be used by students and other researchers with minimal staff assistance.  Staff will  provide training and general methods development assistance; you should use internet-based resources for more targeted information. The hourly rates and the surcharges for solvent and/or column use are listed below.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $11 per hour $30.00 per hour
Non-ISU academic users $16.50 per hour $45.00 per hour
Non-academic users $33 per hour $90.00 per hour


Column Use Charge
Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18   9.4mm x 250mm x 5u semi-prep $6.00 per injection
Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18  21.2mm x 250mm x 7u prep $12.50 per injection
Solvent Use  
Methanol $5.75 per liter
Acetonitrile $15.75 per liter
Water $3.00 per liter


PrepStar SD-1 Resources