EPR Hardware Specifications


  • CW high sensitivity resonator with optical port. Weak pitch: 2500:1
  • CW dielectric room temperature aqueous resonator for aqueous bilogical samples. 
  • FT Dielectric resonator module, universal probe for FT-EPR experiments. 
  • Split ring resonator module for DEER, ESEEM, ELDOR.

Resonator Documentation

Low Temperature System

  • Oxford ESR900 continuous flow cryostat for X-band CW resonators.
  • Oxford CF935P (non-optical) continuous flow cryostat for X-band and Q-band FT resonators. 
  • Temperature range: 4 - 150 K (LHe), 80 - 300 K (LN2).  Users must supply their own cyrogens for use with the low temperature system.