Elemental analysis

Perkin Elmer 2100 Series II CHN/S Analyzer


This instrument measures the %C, %H, %N, and (upon request) the %S content of organic samples, using classical combustion analysis techniques.  Non-combustible substrates with an organic component can also be analyzed.  For best results, samples should be finely powdered and very dry.  Please see the sample submission instructions.  Samples are run in batch mode with along with calibrants and standards.  We have an undergraduate employee available five hours each week to weigh and prepare the samples for analysis.  If you need your results very quickly, we can train you to weigh and prepare the samples yourself.  The analyzer is typically run once per week.  The instrument accuracy specification is +/- 0.3% based upon a triplicate analysis.

The instrument is located in 1240 Hach Hall.  Samples and completed sample forms must be reviewed by staff prior to acceptance for analysis. Enquiries should be directed to Steve Veysey.  Phone 515-294-5805 (office).

Rates FY'18

This instrument is used primarily by staff.  Staff may provide training to selected representatives of research groups with special access requirements.  Rates are per run; each sample is normally run at least twice.  The per-run rates are listed below.

User Category Per Run Charge (CHN) Per Run Charge (CHN/S)
ISU researchers $13.00 $18.50
Non-ISU academic users $19.50 $27.75
Non-academic users $39.00 $55.50


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