Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS



The Zetasizer Nano ZS is a high performance two angle particle, zeta-potential, and molecular size analyzer for the enhanced detection of aggregates and small particles.  Samples may be measured at very low or high concentration using dynamic light scattering with ‘NIBS’ optics.  Size may be measured in the range of 0.3nm to 10um.  Zeta-potential may be measured in the range of 3.8nm to 100um.  The flow mode option enables the system to be connected to an SEC or an FFF system to use as a detector for the size of proteins or nanoparticles.  The MPT-2 Autotitrator allows the study of the effect of changes in pH, conductivity, or any additive to be automated.  A range of disposable and reusable cells are available to optimize the measurement in terms of sample volume, concentration and flow measurement.

The instrument is located in 1240 Hach Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Brett Boote ( 


FY'20 Rates

This instrument is intended for use by students and other researchers.  Staff will provide training; only the instrument charge will apply for training.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE: There is a minimum billable increment of one hour.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $10.00 $30.00
Non-ISU academic researchers $15.00 $45.00
Non-academic users $30.00 $90.00


Zetasizer Nano ZS Resources

The list below contains links to documents that we have stored "locally" in our ISU website space.  Many more resources, application notes, technical guides and tutorials are available at the Malvern website.  This includes at least 25 recorded webinars related to particle size analysis, and two related to zeta-potential analysis.  Select "Malvern on-line training resources" from the list below, then use their intuitive search tool to browse the knowledge base.