The EPR system has both CW and pulsed/FT X-band capabilities. The system has four resonators for facility use, including two CW resonators (SHQE and aqueous resonators), and two FT resonators (dielectric and split-ring resonators). Additional accessories and X-band resonators can be supplied by individual research groups for special projects on the E580. System features include:

  • 10" double yoke magnet, 72 mm air gap, 12 kW power supply with a maximum field strength of 14.5 kG.
  • X-band CW and FT bridge and additional microwave source for ELDOR/DEER experiments.
  • X-band liquid helium variable temperature system, capable of 4 K (LHe) and 77 K (LN2) operation.
  • UV accessory and light pipe.
  • Linux acquisition computer running Xepr acquisition software and XSophe simulation software.
  • Additional Hardware Specifications.

The Bruker ELEXSYS E580 FT-EPR system was installed in June 2013, and was purchased directly from Bruker Biospin as a refurbished/demo system with the combined resources of many groups and divisions: The College of LAS, VPRED, Chemistry, BBMB, IPRT, Ames Laboratory, Biotechnology Council and CBE. 

The instrument is located in 1708 Gilman Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Sarah Cady. Phone 515-294-5805 (Hach 1234D office), 515-294-4057 (Gilman 1708 NMR/EPR lab). Access to the room is controlled by ISU card and can be obtained by submitting the Access Request Form.

Click here to view a PDF from Bruker describing the basic science of EPR and a variety of modern EPR applications and capabilities. Many of the capabilties described in the handout are available on the E580.

Rates FY'18

This instrument is intended to be used by students and other researchers. Due to the complex nature of EPR hardware and experiments, user training is somewhat more extensive than for many other instruments available in the CIF. Users should anticipate initial training of 3-4 hours, with additional training sessions required for cryostat use and complex experimental setup. Users requiring cryogenic temperatures will also be charged a minimum of one hour of staff assistance for any setup associated with the cryostat. 

User Category FY '18 Hourly Charge
(First 6 Hours / After 6 Hours)
Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $18.00 / $9.00 $30.00
Non-ISU academic users $27.00 / $13.50 $45.00
Non-academic users $54.00 / $27.00 $90.00


First-time users will be charged the hourly staff assistance rate in addition to the hourly instrument rate for training beyond basic CW experiments at room temperature.

Type of Training Training Cost/hour Typical Duration
CW EPR Room Temp Training No cost 3-4 hours over 2 sessions
CW EPR and Cryostat Training $30.00 6-8 hours over 3-4 sessions
Pulsed EPR and Cryostat Training $30.00 10-12 hours over 4-6 sessions
Special Experiment Training $30.00 As needed