Safety is everyone's concern!  All students and employees at Iowa State University must complete a variety of safety training courses offered by the ISU Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).  The nature and frequency of courses required will vary depending upon your research and the labs you work in.  It is the responsibility of your immediate supervisor, or major professor, to monitor your compliance with safety training needs.  In determining your safety training requirements, consider the following:

  • Requirements and recommendations from your supervisor or major professor
  • Special CIF requirements
  • Results from the EHS online "Training Needs Assessment" application

Once your safety training needs have been determined, you are responsible for completing the on-line courses, and scheduling the in-person courses, in a timely manner.

CIF Requirements

In addition to courses required by your supervisor or as a result of your Training Needs Assessment, you must complete and maintain certification in the following courses in order to work in the CIF labs.  These requirements are clearly posted at the entrance to each lab.  We independently enforce compliance with X-ray safety training.

Course 1702 Gilman 1709 Gilman 1232 Hach 1238 Hach 1240 Hach
Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training X X X X X
Lab Safety - Compressed Gas Cylinders       X  
X-ray Safety*   X      

*NOTE: We actively monitor compliance with X-ray safety training

Complete the EH&S Safety Training Needs Assessment

  • Navigate to
  • Click Login, this will require you to login with your ISU NetID and password.
  • On the homepage for Learn@ISU, choose My Menu > My Safety Training Needs
  • Click on New and answer the questions to create your Safety Training Needs course list

Autoclave Safety

CIF also provides training for the departmental autoclaves located in Gilman and Hach Hall.  Please complete the EH&S on-line course "Autoclave Safety" before requesting access to the autoclaves.  In addition to safety information, this course contains a wealth of useful information about good autoclave practices.  You should also watch the short videos linked below about proper and improper autoclave loading procedures.

EH&S Laboratory Safety Manual

EH&S has prepared a detailed Laboratory Safety Manual that covers many of the safety situations you might encounter in a research or instrumentation lab.  Because the content is continually being updated, we have provided links (usually desktop icons) to the EH&S host on many of the computers in the instrumentation labs.