Avance III 600


The Bruker Avance III Spectrometer features a 14.1 Tesla/600MHz narrow bore Ascend Series magnet and capacity for up to four channels -  2H/1H/13C/BB. Topspin 3.0 software is used for data acquisition and processing. Data can also be processed using the third party MNova software. Instrument features include:

  • Normal geometry 2H/1H/BB BBFO SmartProbe capable of tuning to nuclei of 109Ag-19F on the broadband channel. Autolock, autoshim, autotune capabilities. Variable temperature capabilities ranging from -150 °C to +150 °C.
  • Inverse geometry 2H/1H/13C/BB inverse probe with a dedicated 13C channel and 109Ag - 19F range on the broadband channel. Autolock and autoshim capabilities. Variable temperature capabilities ranging from -150 °C to +150 °C.
  • BCU-I Bruker chiller for VT experiments in the -30 °C to +150 °C range.
  • Liquid N2 dewar with heat exchanger for VT experiments down to -150 °C.
  • SampleExpress 60-sample changer (not compatible with full-size J-Young tubes). 

The AVIII-600 was acquired in 2011, NSF MRI 1040098*

The instrument is located in 1232 Hach Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Sarah Cady or Dr. Shu Xu. Phone 515-294-5975 (Hach office/NMR lab), 515-294-4057 (Gilman NMR lab).

Rates FY'18

This instrument is intended to be used by students and other researchers. Staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance, and will configure the instrument and assist with special projects as required.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE:  There is a minimum billable increment of twelve minutes.

User Category FY '21 Hourly Rates
(First 3 Hrs/After 3 Hrs)
Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $11.50 / $4.50 $30.00
Non-ISU academic users $17.25 / $6.75 $45.00
Non-academic users $34.50 / $13.50 $90.00


AVIII-600 Resources

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