LCMS 2020

Shimadzu LC-MS 2020



The Shimadzu LCMS 2020 is a single quadrupole mass spectrometer with an upper mass limit of 2000 Daltons. The LC system includes a dual wavelength UV-Vis detector between the pumps and the mass spectrometer. Sample solutions are always introduced via the autosampler. 

Our goal is to manage this instrument as an accessible and efficient LOW-COST “walk-on” instrument.  It is configured with a limited number of pre-programmed experimental methods intended to cover most of the low-resolution needs of our user base.  The use of standardized sample preparation protocols and measurement methods will allow us to minimize costs and avoid instrument performance problems.  Those projects that cannot be served by the generic, low-cost methods implemented on this instrument, should request to be moved to the more expensive Agilent 6540 QTOF or the Thermo LCQ instrument.

The system includes a DUIS source, allowing ESI, APCI, or mixed APCI-ESI, and can be operated in either positive ion or negative ion mode.  The system can be used in the following configurations:

HPLC/UV-Vis/MS (ESI,APCI, mixed)

This is a student operated instrument, located in 1238 Hach Hall. Before training, students are required to read through the training manual.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Kamel Harrata.

FY'18 Rates

The instrument is charged per "injection-use", which is normally considered to be one injection requiring thirty minutes of instrument time. NOTE:  There is a minimum billable increment of one injection-use.  The instrument may be reserved using iLabs.

User Category Injection-use Charge Staff Assistance and Training
ISU researchers $7.65 $30.00 / hour
non-ISU academic users $11.48 $45.00 / hour
Non-academic users $22.95 $90.00 / hour

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