Sorvall Evolution Centrifuge


The Sorvall Superspeed centrifuge is equipped with three rotors; the unit is refrigerated and can be operated at temperatures as low as 4 °C.  Users must provide their own tubes; these tubes must be from the approved list.  Although the instrument is walk-on, training is required.

It is the responsibility to the user to understand if the supernatant from the centrifugation of their samples needs to be treated as hazardous waste. There is a sink available in 1240 Hach, in addition to a satellite waste accumulation area, 5 L reusuable waste containers and funnels. Users must accurately complete the waste identification tag, including the chemical name, approximate concentration of the chemicals, and whether it is an acid/base, flammable/oxidizer, metal/poison, peroxide/sulfide. If you plan to generate large amounts of waste, please provide additional waste containers. Biohazardous waste should be treated appropriately before disposal. Please contact staff if the waste container is full so we can arrange a pickup. 

The instrument is located in 1240 Hach Hall.  For training or questions, contact Sarah Cady.  Phone 515-294-5805 (office).

Rates FY'23

User Category Instrument Charge (per hour) - one hour minimum
ISU researchers 25.00
Non-ISU academic users 37.50
Non-academic users 75.00


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