What is ACIDE?
Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation Distance Education or ACIDE is an outreach program conducted by Chemical Instrumentation Facility, in the Department of Chemistry at Iowa State University.

What does ACIDE do?
ACIDE offers course modules from introductory to expert level, designed to teach students from high school, two and four year community colleges/ university, and higher education and research universities about the techniques and machines that make scientific research possible.

How can Instructors utilize ACIDE in their curriculum?
Instructors may include the available course modules into their existing course, offer it as a separate course, or introduce the modules as non-credit course. The modules provide a great opportunity to introduce students to various analytical chemistry techniques, concepts and instrumentation. The modules also offer an online interactive operation of analytical instruments at CIF and provides a unique opportunity to measure and analyze your  own sample. The CIF team will help mount the sample and assist wherever needed and whenever possible.

How can an Instructor get started?
If you are an instructor and are interested in using the ACIDE learning modules in your curriculum then just send us an e-mail at acide@iastate.edu. Do mention what level are you teaching; this will help us better understand and cater to your needs.