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Varian 400 MRAgilent 6540 QTOFScintag XDS2000Microcal Calorimeter
Bruker DRX-400Micromass GC-TOFRigaku Ultima U4 XRDAgilent 8453 UV-Vis
Bruker AV II 600Shimadzu 2010Micromeritics ASAP2020Jasco J-710 CD
Bruker AV III 600Agilent SD-1 Prep LCBrand X TGA/DSC-IR/MSPE 2100 II CHN/S
Bruker FT-EPR
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TGA/DSC -MS/FTIR system... 2/10/14

We are purchasing a thermal analysis instrument that will also be coupled to mass spec and FTIR detectors.  We should have an instrument purchased by the end of February, with installation by May.

EPR and prep-LC are installed and ready for use! ... 6/28/13

Thank you Sarah (EPR) and Kamel (prep-LC) for all your hard work in getting these systems installed and ready for use.

New EPR has arrived!!! Install scheduled to begin June 24... 6/13/13

Prep HPLC has arrived!!! Install going on now... 6/12/13

Prep HPLC system expected in June... 5/1/13

A preparative LC system is on order from Agilent and we expect delivery in eary June.  It will have a fraction collector and can accomodate flows up to 200 mls/min.  Visit the new page under "Other instruments...".

EPR expected sometime in May... 4/22/13

We expect the new EPR to be delivered in May and installed by mid-June.  We are getting everything ready in room 1708 Gilman. Sarah has recently returned from a week of EPR training at Bruker, and is now an EXPERT!

Instrument Updates... 12/12/12

All of the instruments received this summer (Cary UV-Vis, Rigaku Powder X-ray, Microcal Isothermal Microcalorimeter, and Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Physisorption) are fully operational and training is available.

EPR system soon to arrive... 12/12/12

We are in the process of acquiring a Bruker EleXsys E-580 EPR.  The system will be capable of both CW and pulse (FT) measurements in the X-band, and will be fully equipped for low temperature measurements, aqueous samples, kinetic studies, ELDOR, DEER, and other measurements.  We expect to receive the instrument in the first quarter of 2013.

New (to CIF) Instruments... 8/31/12

This summer we bid farewell to the Trewyn and  Pohl groups.  Several instruments have been transferred to our facility, including a Rigaku Ultima IV powder x-ray diffractometer, Micromeritics ASAP 2020 physisorption unit, Cary 100 Bio UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and Microcal VP-ITC isothermal microcalorimeter.  All are currently working and available to previously trained users, except the Cary UV-Vis, which we expect to have operational soon.  Web pages and training materials will show up on this site soon!

Be cool, attend NMR Summer School..7/6/12

The NMR folks are presenting four lunchtime seminars over the next few weeks, covering a variety of topics.  More info and sign-up sheets are posted outside the NMR lab; announcements have been sent to the NMR users list.  Didn't get the announcement?  See Sarah to be added to the NMR e-mail list.