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LCMS Upgrade being purchased... 6/17/14

We are upgrading the 14-year old Shimadzu LCMS 2010 system.  We anticipate keeping the LC part of the system, but completely replaceing the MS, computer, and software.  We hope to have this completed early this summer.

NMR Upgrades happening soon... 6/17/14

We have moved the BNMRF Bruker 500 MHz NMR to 1708 Gilman and hope to re-energize it later this summer.  This allows the new Bruker 800 MHz NMR to be installed in the lab in Molecular Biology later this fall.  We are also buying a solution cryoprobe for our Bruker AVII NMR in 1232 Hach Hall. This instrument was previously used almost exclusively for solids work, but will now be shared.  We expect the cryoprobe will be installed in January 2015.

TGA/DSC -MS/FTIR system is here... 6/15/14

The new Netzsch STA449 F1 TGA/DSC system is now installed and ready to go.  The system also has a robot for sample introduction, and an Aeolos mass spec and a Bruker Tensor  FTIR for effluent gas analysis!  At the moment we are training select students who have previous TGA experience, but we hope to be able to train novices within a few weeks.

TGA/DSC -MS/FTIR system... 2/10/14

We are purchasing a thermal analysis instrument that will also be coupled to mass spec and FTIR detectors.  We should have an instrument purchased by the end of February, with installation by May.

EPR and prep-LC are installed and ready for use! ... 6/28/13

Thank you Sarah (EPR) and Kamel (prep-LC) for all your hard work in getting these systems installed and ready for use.

New EPR has arrived!!! Install scheduled to begin June 24... 6/13/13

Prep HPLC has arrived!!! Install going on now... 6/12/13

Prep HPLC system expected in June... 5/1/13

A preparative LC system is on order from Agilent and we expect delivery in eary June.  It will have a fraction collector and can accomodate flows up to 200 mls/min.  Visit the new page under "Other instruments...".

EPR expected sometime in May... 4/22/13

We expect the new EPR to be delivered in May and installed by mid-June.  We are getting everything ready in room 1708 Gilman. Sarah has recently returned from a week of EPR training at Bruker, and is now an EXPERT!