Leaving students



You will soon be leaving ISU. Hopefully you have had a positive experience using the Chemical Instrumentation Facility.  Your major professor will assist you with initiating all of the university and departmental exit requirements listed on the Graduate Student Checkout form. Please see your graduate program coordinator for the form.

CIF Check-Out

The Grad Student Checkout Form requires the signature of Steve Veysey, the manager of Instrument Services.  Steve will not sign until you have completed the CIF Check-out Form.  This interactive form can be filled out and submitted on-line.  Please do so before you ask Steve to sign your Grad Student Checkout form. 

Access Privileges

When you leave the university your ISU One card or other "prox card" will no longer enable you to enter buildings or our labs.  This change may not happen immediately, but you should not count on being able to access CIF after hours once you have submitted your checkout form. 

Instrument Accounts

The login privileges established for you on the various instruments will be removed.  This will happen quite quickly. You should not count on being able to log on to instruments after you submit your check-out form.

Data File Access

File systems with your data will remain local for at least several months, but you may not be able to personally access those files if they are on instrument-control computers.  However, on the CIF Checkout form you may request that access to the data processing computers in the lab (not the instrument control computers) be continued for up to three months. This will allow you to access local data on the instrument-control computers for processing purposes.  

Data archived in the CIF Research Cloud will not be removed, but a valid ISU netID is required to reach these files. Exactly when your ISU netID expires is not under our control; it seems like ISU netID's remain valid for at least several months after people leave.  When you leave, access privileges to your data will be expanded to include other members of your research group.