Experimental Section Template and Acknowledgements

Acknowledgement of CIF Staff Assistance

"We wish to thank ISU Chemical Instrumentation Facility staff members <insert name(s) here> for training and assistance pertaining to the Shimadzu LC/MS 2020 results included in this publication."

"Experimental Section" Information

Flow Injection ESI:

"Positive (and/or negative) ion mode mass spectra were obtained using the Shimadzu LCMS 2020single quadrupole mass spectrometer. A Shimadzu LC-10AD series system , equipped with Shimadzu autosampler, was used. 1 ul of sample (concentration of approximately 10 ppm) was injected into the Shimadzu DUIS ion source. Water/MeOH (.1% Formic acid) 50/50 was used as effluent solvent. The mass range was kept constant from 100 to 1000 amu.

Complete experimental conditions can be found in the LC/MS aqcuisition software.

HPLC/ESI: ESI experimental conditions are same as indicated above.

LC conditions are as follows:

LC column: Agilent XDB C18, 4.6*150 mm, 1.8 um

Flow rate: 800 ul/min

Column temperature: 30 deg

UV wavelength: 254 nm

Injection volume: 1 ul

Gradient LC: 90% Solvent A (H2O, 1% Formic acid) to 70% Solvent B (ACN, .1% Formic acid) in 10 min. 70% B was maintained for 1 min then 90% A was reestablished.