The mass spec lab personnel provide ISU's researchers with proper training to use the Micromass GCT, Agilent QTOF 6540, Magnum GC/MS, and Shimadzu LC/MS. In-house manuals and video training materials are provided prior to the actual training.

Agilent QTOF 6540 and TOF 6230:

There are three categories:

  • Category 1: Users submitting samples and retrieving final results.
  • Category 2: Users submitting samples but trained to process their own data.
  • Category 3: Users acquiring their own data (four levels in this category)
    • Level 1: Loop injection nominal mass ESI positive and negative ion mode.
    • Level 2: Loop injection High precision (Accurate mass) ESI pos and neg ion mode. This includes calibrating the mass spectrometer.
    • Level 3: Positive and negative ion mode LC/MS. This includes changing columns and solvents.
    • Level 4: MS/MS experiments (Special requests, need some supervision).

All levels must be trained to process their data. Bioconfirm software will be included in all levels only upon request. There are continual discussions with students to enhance their understanding of the mass spec processes used.

Students of all levels will be expected to review the training materials prior to training.

Shimadzu LCMS2020:

  • Students are trained to use this mass spectrometer in a walk-on fashion.
  • Students are provided a training manual, and trained for about 4 hours. The system is always configured with a C18 XDB Agilent (4.6*50 mm, 1.8 um) column and Solvent A being H2O/MeOH/FA 90/10/.1%, and solvent B being MeOH/H2O/FA 90/10/.1%.


There are two levels: