Lab Access Request

SCXRD and PWXRD Student Training

The BRUKER SMART 1000, BRUKER APEX II , RIGAKU ULTIMA IV and SCINTAG XDS-2000 are available for general use by authorized users including the ISU Faculty, Staff and Students.

***NOTE*** X-Ray Safety Authorizations expire Feb 28 of each year.  You MUST renew in January or February of EACH year.****


To USE Single Crystal Diffractometers you must Complete Chem 575 "Diffraction and Crystal Structure" or an equivalent course


    According to ISU regulations, any qualified person working for ISU can get access to our XRD system. The mandatory steps to be authorized for using CIF X-Ray facility are as following:

    STEP 1. Obtaining X-Ray Safety Authorization.

    The X-Ray Safety Fundamentals training course is available through the Environmental Health and Safety Online Learning Center. The training should take 20-30 minutes to complete. All authorized X-Ray device users (including Principal Investigators) must complete the training .

     •  Go to the EH&S Online Training Center : EH&S Online Learning Center. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    •  Read the information on this page carefully. You need to allow pop-ups on your computer.

    •  Click on the “Learning Center” Link

    •  If prompted, Log in using your "Net ID" and password.

    •  On the left side of your screen click on the “Course Catalog” menu option.

    •  Scroll down the list of courses and select X-Ray Safety Fundamentals

    • “Launch” the course.

    •  You must pass the exam at the end of the training with a score of at least 80%.  Don't worry, if you don't pass you can immediately re-take the course and the exam.

    •   Return to the training center by clicking on the “My Dashboard” Link

    •  Under the Completed Courses Section of the page you will have the option to "Print" your training certificate. 

    •  Keep the Training Certificate for your files.

    Should you have any questions, please, contact directly

    Jeff Eaton. Health Physicist. Radiation Safety Group. Environmental Health and Safety . (515) 294-3314


    STEP 2. Obtaining Chemical Services Account.


    Each user of CIF facility has to be in a current Chemical Services database.  Fill Chemical Services Authorization Form and  submit it  to 1605 Gilman – Carlene Enderson (294-7813) 


    STEP 3.  "X-Ray Safety Certificate", “X-ray/Radiation Producing Device Worker Application”, "Key Request".

    The "X-Ray Safety Fundamentals Certificate" should be e-mailed to Sarah Cady   and Arkady Ellern 

    The "X-Ray/Radiation Producing Device Worker Application"  form should be filled (all fields marked yellow) .“5 minutes” has choosen as the beam time since there is only exposure potential when you are adding or removing a sample.  You must estimate “How Often Used” or a 12-month period. This form should be printed and signed by you and Sarah Cady 1234 Hack Hall as PI of X-Ray facility. 

    To obtain a key for X-Ray Lab (1707 Gilman Hall) you have to fill  Chemical Instrumentation Facility Access Form  and submit it  to Sarah Cady 1234 Hack Hall



    STEP 4. Request for instrument training.

    Before training you should be familiar with SOPs/ Instrument manuals

    •             Rigaku Ultima IV Powder XRD 


    •             Bruker Venture D8 Single Crystal Diffractometer : 


    •             Bruker Apex II and Bruker SMART1000 Single Crystal CCD Diffractimeters


    The request to the training appointment should be send  to Arkady Ellern Arkady Ellern at  Training tfor Rigaku Ultima IV takes 20min and usually can be arranged next day.

      RWXRD andSCXRD Training Overview

      The training course for both systems is fully hands-on and consits of:

      • Basic overview of sample evaluation and mounting.
        • Basic computer commands for the PC and Windows10 operating system.
      • Training is done under the assumption that the user has a good quality crystal or a uniform powder.
      • After a good sample is found, either a good quality crystal or a standard powder for Scintag training, the user sets up and collects a data set.

      Training for actual data collection consists of:

      • The user is stepped through mounting and aligning the sample on the diffractometer.
      • The turning on, powering up and down, turning off and all safety matters concerning the operation of the X-ray generators are reviewed.