Acknowledgements and Experimental

Acknowledgement of NSF Support - Instrument Purchase

"Purchase of Bruker Apex II CCD Single Crystal Diffractometer used to obtain results included in this publication was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CHE 0840305."

"Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation."

Acknowledgement of CIF Staff Assistance

In accordance with CIF Co-authorship Policy all publications arising from this report MUST either:

  • Include Dr. Arkady Ellern as a co-author or
  • Acknowledge Dr. Arkady Ellern and the Molecular Structure Laboratory of Iowa State University in a form like: “The Single Crystal X-Ray structure Determination has been performed in Molecular Structure Lab of Chemistry Department of Iowa State University by Dr. Arkady Ellern”.

 "Experimental Section" Information

All relevant information can be found in NnnXXX.html file provided with outputs.

Co-authorship Policy

Crystallographer should be considered for co-authorship if the structural information is a major part of the intellectual content of the paper. If this information has been derived primarily by X-ray diffraction, then the crystallography should be included in the paper and the . Most papers that discuss molecular geometric parameters, atom's thermal-ellipsoids, and packing features would fall under this classification. We are encouraging faculty members to use our expertise in structural discussion (packing, hydrogen bonding, inter/intra-molecular interactions, etc.), structure comparison, and database search for relevant compounds. We will be happy to assist in the preparation and review of manuscripts before submission to editor and answer all questions during publication procedure. As a co-author, crystallographer is responsible for deposition of structural data to database and other additional tasks.

Crystallographer should not be considered for co-authorship if crystallography was used only to confirm a structure which has been well-established by other means (NMR, Mass spectroscopy, etc.), and if no structural details are given in the paper. In this case, the appropriate acknowledgment has to be added to paper as the usual tasks have been performed. This would occur, for example, when the relative stereochemistry of an intermediate in a complex organic synthesis has been determined, or when the crystallographic experiment was routine and structural determination was straightforward. If this is the case, the crystallographer is not responsible for submitting of structural information to editor and for deposition of these data to database. The quality of data not always straightforward, therefore the special comments (from resulting *.DOC and *.CIF files) have to be added by authors of paper.

The crystallographer may be willing to publish the structural results of the investigation in a crystallographic journal upon mutual agreement of all parties.