QA-QC Protocols - Cary 100 UVVis



Proper instrument performance can normally be verified by running:

  • System blank
  • Holmium oxide glass standard
  • Validation test program

System Blank

For critical work, allow the instrument and the lamps to stabilize for at least twenty minutes.  The blank is run with nothing in the sample compartment.

Holmium Oxide Glass Standard

This standard is kept in the drawer.  Please do NOT take this precious standard!

Validation Test Program

The Validate program is part of the Cary WinUV suite of programs.  The various test protocols are grouped into categories.  The program allows you to choose which tests in each category you would like to run, and once intitated, prompts you as necessary to insert or remove the test compounds.  Our normal protocol is to run all four of the tests grouped in the Instrument Performance Tests category, and just the Holmium Oxide test located in the USP Tests category.  Typical results can be seen in the following PDF attachments: