QA-QC Protocols - Agilent 8453 UV-Vis


Proper instrument performance can normally be verified by running:

  • System blank
  • Holmium oxide glass standard
  • "Camphor" aqueous solution

System Blank

For critical work, allow the instrument and the lamps to stabilize for at least twenty minutes.  The blank is run with nothing in the sample compartment.



Holmium Oxide Glass Standard

This standard is kept in the drawer.  Please do NOT take this precious standard!




Camphor Aqueous Solution

This is the same standard used to verify CD performance with the Jasco J-710 spectrophotometer.  The solution is made by dissolving 60.0 mg of ammonium-d-10-camphorsulfonate in distilled water.  Distilled water (10 mm quartz cuvette) should be run as the reference.