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Pyrolysis-GCMS Back Online 05/31/2022

To restore pyrolysis capability to CIF, the GC and pyrolysis microfurnace have been installed onto the nominal mass 5973 GCMS system. This system runs on the same Agilent software as the other MS setups so it will be familiar to CIF users, and the pyrolysis component is easy to learn. The website is still in progress, but trainings can be scheduled with Brett

Electron Microscopy Added 09/09/21

The CIF recently acquired a JEOL scanning electron microscope (SEM) for materials analysis and imaging. This SEM has ~10 nm resolution as well as X-ray elemental dispersion spectroscopy (EDS), and can operate in high vacuum and low vacuum modes. The instrument is straightforward to use since all components are operable from one software package, and it is located in 1710 Gilman Hall. Please inquire to Brett regarding sample submission or training requests. More details on the instrument are available here.

ASAP 2020 Back Online 02/25/21

After being down for several years, the ASAP 2020 Physisorption instrument is back online, and test samples show it to be running within specs. A 60 L  pressurized nitrogen dewar has been installed next to the system for simple filling of the instrument components. Additionally, the computer has been updated, automatically tracks instrument usage and the instrument has been set up in 1710 Gilman Hall. Please inquire to Brett for training or to run some samples. As of right now, we have not set up a scheduling calendar but may in the future. 

Services Update  03/18/20

The CIF has reopened the Electronics Shop as a means for researchers to get help troubleshooting and repairing their equipment. Contact Brett with submissions for the shop. In addition, the website was updated with the Services menu tab, which includes information on the Electronics Shop, the basics of X-ray crystallography, remote data processing assistance, sample submission guidelines, as well as X-ray structure determination information. 

New Instruments! 10/16/2019

We are pleased to welcome three new instruments to our services this month. The first is a Horiba time-correlated single photon counting fluorometer. The second is a Perkin Elmer steady-state fluorometer. The third instrument is a Thermo FlashSmart CHNS/O combustion elemental analyzer that replaces the ca. 1995 Perkin Elmer CHN/S that served us well for many years. Please contact Brett for training on either of the fluorescence systems, or Sarah for EA sample submission. 

Welcome, Dr. Boote! 09/06/2019

Dr. Brett Boote officially started in the CIF on Tuesday after an extensive search for our fifth staff scientist. Brett brings an array of experience to our team, particularly in the realms of spectrophotometry and instrument design. We will be updating our various instrument websites over the next few weeks as we begin to settle on our group instrumentation duties moving forward. 

Electronic Key Card Form 08/15/2019

One less piece of paper - lab access requests can now be submitted electronically

Website Update 04/25/2019

Our website has a new look! There are a few new pages available, including a comparison of the NMR Spectrometer features and access to MNova licenses and installation information. Please let us know if you find any dead links or errors by emailing Sarah

Mass Spec News 04/25/2019: Paperless service!!!  the mass spec lab is starting to phase out submission forms.

Google calendar is being used for all reservations. All instruments provide login/logout for all users.

Goodbye!   03/01/19

Steve's last day!  Thank you for your support of CIF.  It has been a pleasure to work with all of the students staff and faculty for 41+ years!

iLabs lab management software going live!  11/5/18

New instrument scheduling and usage tracking software will be phased in for all instruments beginning next week.  The first phase includes UV-Vis, CD, DLS, and GCMS.

Avance NEO-400 NMR is here!  06/08/18

The Bruker NEO Avance 400 NMR is here and installed with a BBO probe.  Beginning on June 12 it should be available for experienced users who are currently using the Avance III 600 NMR.  A very short training with Shu or Sarah might be required.  Expect a direct e-mail soon with details.  Unfortunately the InsightMR features using a Prodigy probe will not be available for a few more weeks.  The probe is back-ordered, and the shipping company seems to have lost the crate with the InsightMR parts!!  Stay tuned...

GC Q-TOF is here!   04/25/18

The Agilent 7250 GC Q-TOF instrument has arrived and been initially installed.  It will take a week or two for Kamel and I to learn the system and create some basic training materials.  In the meantime, you will start to see lot's more info on the GC Q-TOF page as we sort through company manuals and training materials.  The GC x GC attachment has arrived, but installation is not yet scheduled.

is scheduled to arrive late in May!  04/25/18

The Bruker 400 NMR replacement for the aged DRX-400 is on track to arrive later in May.  It will be installed with "normal" probes for the moment.  The high-sensitivity cryo-cooled probe should arrive in July.

GC Q-TOF Mass Spec on Order...  02/01/18

With the assistance of the ISU Foundation, we have successfully applied for Carver Foundation funds for the purchase of a new GC Q-TOF mass spectrometer.  The Carver Funds were augmented with funds from the Agilent Academic Incentives Program to allow us to purchase a complete Agilent 7250 Q-TOF with 7890 GC.  In additon, we will be purchasing a thermal-focus GC x GC accessory.  A webpage for the new instrument is under development, so stay tuned for all of the information you need and want about this fantastic new piece of equipment!  Delivery is expected by early May, 2018.