Avance NEO 400

NEO NMR console







NEW! Coming in Summer 2018

Avance NEO 400 MHz system with LN2-cooled broadband Prodigy Probe

  • 9.4 tesla/400MHz, narrow bore shielded magnet
  • LN2-cooled broadband Prodigy Cryoprobe
  • Insight MR flow cell for reaction kinetics
  • Cryofit LC-NMR flow cell for NMR separations 



The Avance NEO will be installed in Summer 2018, and was acquired through the support of the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program, Award # CHE 1726173.* Cost share funding was provided by the Iowa State University Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the Department of Chemistry

The instrument is located in 1232 Hach Hall.  Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Sarah Cady or Dr. Shu Xu. Phone 515-294-5975 (Hach office/NMR lab), 515-294-4057 (Gilman NMR lab).

Rates FY'18

This instrument is intended to be used by students and other researchers. Staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance, and will configure the instrument and assist with special projects as required.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE:  There is a minimum billable increment of twelve minutes.

User Category FY '18 Hourly Instrument Charge
(First 3 Hrs/After 3 Hrs)
Staff Assistance
ISU researchers TBD $30.00
Non-ISU academic users TBD$45.00
Non-academic users TBD$90.00


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