This instrument has been archived. 


The Finnigan LCQ Advantage is an ion trap mass spectrometer obtained in 2000. The instrument is capable of performing single stage LC/MS and two-stage LC/MS/MS experiments. Sample solutions can be introduced to the mass spectrometer via a loop injection or directly infused by a syringe pump. Major components of the LCQ are shown in the figure above. The instrument is equipped with an Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) interface that accomodates both electrospary (ESI) and chemical ionization (APCI) sources. 

The system includes a gradient LC pump, a syringe pump, PDA (diode-array) detector, and Surveyor auto-sampler. Ions are generated in the Electrospray or APCI ion sources. A DPAPI probe (direct probe atmospheric pressure ionization) for the APCI source is avaialble. The instrument can be operated in positive ion mode or negative ion mode.

The instrument is located in 1238 Hach Hall. Enquiries should be directed to Dr. Kamel Harrata. Phone 515-294-4392 (office), 515-294-5544 (lab).


This instrument is intended to be used by students and other researchers.  Staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE: There is a minimum billable increment of one hour.

User Category Instrument Charge Staff Assistance
ISU researchers $21.50 $25.80
non-ISU academic users $32.25 $38.70
Non-academic users $64.50 $77.40


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