Micromass GCT


The Waters GCT is a time-of-flight (TOF) based accurate mass GCMS purchased in 2001.  The instrument can be operated in electron ionization (EI), or chemical ionization (CI) mode. Data is always acquired with accurate mass precision (7000 resolution FWHM), and with accurate mass accuracy (< 10 ppm) when a lock mass compound is introduced.  The system includes an Agilent 6540 GC equipped with split/splitless injector, autosampler with thermostated water bath, and a complete pyrolysis sample introduction and furnace.  The GC configuration is ideal for headspace measurement of volatiles, kinetics studies, and SPME (solid phase micro-extraction) sample introduction.  Pyrolysis GCMS is the default configuration for this instrument.  See the Pyrolysis GCMS page.

The GC can be temporarily removed and replaced with a solids-probe insertion lock for the accurate mass analysis of neat solid and viscous liquid samples.  Mass assignment accuracy in solids-probe mode is generally better than 5 ppm. This is the only accurate-mass GCMS we are aware of on campus.

The instrument is located in 1238 Hach Hall. Enquiries should be directed to Steve Veysey or Dr. Kamel Harrata.  Phone 515-294-5805 (office - Steve), 515-294-4392 (office - Kamel), or 515-294-5544 (lab).  On-line scheduling is enabled using the "Booked" program.

FY'18 Rates

This instrument is intended to be used by students and other researchers. Staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance, and will configure the instrument and assist with special projectrs as required.  The hourly rates are listed below.  NOTE:  There is a minimum billable increment of one-half hour.

User Category Instrument Charge  Staff Assistance
ISU Researchers $21.50  $30
Non-ISU academic users $32.25  $45
Non-academic users $64.50  $90


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