Arriving students


Welcome!  If this is a virtual visit to Iowa State University, you are probably already aware of the many informational resources at the Iowa State website, and at the Chemistry Department website.  Note that the "maps" and "directory" links embedded in the top ribbon bar of most ISU pages will be very helpful to you. 

To learn more about Hach Hall where the Chemical Instrumentation Facility is primarily located follow this link:

If you're already on campus and would like to stop by for a chat, here is how you can find us in 1234 Hach Hall:

As incoming graduate students, you should know that the human portal to virtually everything you need to know immediately is Lynette Edsall, the Graduate Admissions Specialist.  Her office is in 1605B Gilman.  Later on you will also discover the special talents of the other office staff, including Mary, Carlene, Carla, Renee, and Nancy, all of whom are located in 1605 Gilman. 

After you've started your research, you will certainly have occasion to meet the folks at Chemistry Stores, 1400 Gilman, including Melissa, Becky, Sue, Wayne, and Ed. This is where you purchase chemicals and supplies over-the-counter, and also place special orders.  Eventually you may require the services of the departmental machinists and general fix-it guys, Bruce, and Bill. We also have a resident glass blower, Tronde.  These shops are located in the basement of Gilman.

Departmental Resources

Here are a few useful links on the Chemistry Department page to information you will need before or soon after your arrival:

  • Staff Listing -  Contact information for all of the non-faculty in the department.  These people make the machine work.
  • Graduate Program - Everything you need to know about applying to ISU, and the hoops you will need to jump through once you get here.  Lynette can help you with all of your questions about items on this page.
  • For Students - The "official" chemistry Graduate Student Manual is here.  But also take a look at the Grad Student Survival Guide, written several years ago by chemistry grad students.

Chemical Instrumentation Facility Resources

Actually, new students will normally not be using our facility until after you have joined a group and begun your research.  That could be a few months after your arrival, or even longer.  When you are ready, visit our Info for Current Students page.